Designated Public Officials for Lobbying

Section 6 (4) of the Lobbying Act 2015 requires each public body to publish a list showing the name, grade and brief details of the role and responsibilities of each “designated public official” of that body.

Lar PowerLeitrim County CouncilChief Executive
Mary QuinnLeitrim County CouncilDirector of Services/Deputy Chief Executive
Housing, Corporate Services, Community and Cultural Services
Manorhamilton Municipal District
Joseph GilhooleyLeitrim County CouncilDirector of Services/Deputy Chief Executive                               
Economic Development, Planning and Infrastructural Services
Carrick-on-Shannon Municipal District
Vincent DwyerLeitrim County CouncilHead of Finance
Finance, Water, Environment, Climate Action and Emergency Services
Ballinamore Municipal District

Section (6)(1)(d) of the Act provides that the elected members of Leitrim County Council are regarded as Designated Public Officials for the purposes of the Act.

The combined executive and elected members list of Leitrim County Council’s “designated public officials” for the purpose of the Act is available at: Designated Public Officials.pdf (size 283.5 KB)

There are 3 Strategic Policy Committees (SPC) listed as follows:

  1. Economic Development, Enterprise and Planning
  2. Housing Policy, Social and Cultural Development
  3. Environmental, Transportation and Infrastructural Policy

For further information on the Act, visit the Register of Lobbying website on 

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