Group Sewerage Schemes

This relates to a group of two or more households getting together to provide themselves with sewerage facilities where no such facilities (or seriously deficient facilities) already exist.

The provision of a small group sewerage scheme by a group of neighbours to their homes can have many advantages.  Compared with an individual system the cost is usually much lower.  Schemes commenced on or after January 2014 qualify for a grant of 75% of the cost, subject to a limit of €6,750.00 per house. The remaining 25% must be contributed by the Group Sewerage Scheme.

Explanatory Memorandum Detailing the Terms and Conditions of setting up a Group Sewerage Scheme GS2 Explanatory Memo.doc (size 28.7 KB)

Group Sewerage Scheme Application Form GS3 Group Sewerage Scheme Grant Application Form.doc (size 74.2 KB)


Further information is available from the Rural Water Section of Leitrim County Council located at Park Lane, Carrick-on-Shannon, Phone 071 9620005 Ext 611.

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