Driving Licences

From January 2013, anyone who applies for their first learner permit or is renewing their driving licence will receive a modern, plastic, credit-card sized version. The new licence will be in a format that is standardised and recognisable throughout the EU and is one of the changes being introduced in Ireland as part of a new EU Directive.

The new plastic card licence will only be available to those who:

  • have passed their driving test and are applying for their first driving licence
  • are renewing their learner permit or driving licence
  • are exchanging a foreign driving licence for an Irish driving licence

Licenses issued from the 19th January will also be subject to changes to licensing rules as part of the EU Directive, the most significant of which is that licences for trucks and buses will now last for five years instead of the current ten years. There are also changes to motorcycle licensing categories.

Full details can be found on www.ndls.ie

The driving licence and learner permit fee has changed from 1st January 2013.

The new fees for licences/permits are:

New Driving Licences and Renewals€55
Three Year Licence (Age or Medical Grounds)€35
One Year Licence (Medical Grounds)€25
New Learner Permits and Renewals€35
Replacement or Duplicate Licence/Permit€35
Changes to Existing Licences/Permits eg. New Category Added/Removed€35

The Over 70’s Licences / Permits will remain free

For more information please visitwww.rsa.ieor Freephone 1800 63 57 43

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