An Saol Maith

The Social Inclusion Measures (SIMS) Group prioritised Older People as a target group in 2004. Funding was supplied from the Leitrim Community Forum. Leitrim County Council and a grant from the Combat Poverty Agency. The project involved working with older people to see how services could be improved.

The suggestions were then brought to the delivery agencies such as the HSE / NW, Leitrim County Council, Community Connections CDP, County Leitrim Partnership etc. to see how these suggestions could be taken on board. All these suggestions and an Action Plan were collected into a report "An Saol Maith? / The Good Life?" which was launched in September 2004. Examples of some of the actions which have been completed include:

The HSE / NW asked GPs to put a notice on their window saying which doctor is on duty.

Two public seats have been put in place in areas where older people would most benefit from them. The seats are on the hill on the way up to the hospital in Carrick-on-Shannon and on the hill on the way to Manorhamilton.

The Director of Services for Transportation and Planning has met with the Active Age Groups to outline the new footpath programme and to heat the concerns of older people with regard to footpaths.

The Environmental Education Officer has met active age groups to give information on recycling and on the new refuse collections.

A number of Leitrim County Council forms have been proofed by NALA, (National - Adult Literacy Agency), to make them easier to understand.

A steering Group made of Active Age Groups, Leitrim Community Forum, Leitrim County Council staff and elected members, County Leitrim Partnership and Community Connections oversee progress on the action plan. Copies of the Report are available from the offices of the Community and Enterprise Section at Leitrim County Council or on this website to download.

Latest News:
The An Saol Maith? project has been short listed in the National HSE Innovation Awards . The Steering Group will know if they are through to the final of the Awards by the end of July 2006.

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