Leitrim Local Community Development Committee

Section 36 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 provides for the establishment of an LCDC in each Local Authority Area.    Leitrim was one of 10 pilot LCDCs in 2013. It was formally established as per above Act on 6th June 2013. Work commenced on preparation of plan in March with public call for submissions and public focus groups held in each municipal district. This was followed up by two rounds of thematic workshops. Work is ongoing with LCDC in preparing a first draft of the community elements of the Local Economic Community Plan. Focus Groups on a sectoral level were also held with businesses to help prepare the Economic Plan. Further focus groups will be held in Winter 2014 in conjunction with the Economic SPC.

A combined draft will be available for public consultation in early 2015.

In summary the functions of the LCDC are to

·         Prepare the community elements of a six year local economic and community plan and to implement or arrange the implementation of the community elements

·         Review the community elements of the plan at least once during the term of the plan and to monitor on an ongoing basis the implementation of the community elements and revise or amend as necessary

·         Co-ordinate, manage and oversee the implementation of local and community development programmes that have been approved by the local authority or in agreement with another relevant public authority

·         Seek to ensure effectiveness, consistency, co-ordination etc between public funded and community development programmes and co-ordination of all local and community development programmes

·         Report annually on the performance of its functions.

Leitrim LCDC Membership December 2015


1.      Ben WilkinsonTeagascPublic
2.      Cllr Finola Armstrong McGuireLeitrim County CouncilPublic
3.      Cllr Paddy O’ RourkeLeitrim County CouncilPublic
4.      Cllr Felim GurnLeitrim County CouncilPublic
5.      Eugene WalshDept. of Social ProtectionPublic
6.      Frank CurranLeitrim County CouncilPublic
7.      Joe LoweCEBPublic
8.      Kealin IrelandEnvironmental Pillar – Interim PPNPrivate
9.      Margaret HylandInterim PPNPrivate
10.                         Pat GilhooleyFarming PillarPrivate
11.                         Pat MonahanLeitrim Development CompanyPrivate
12.                         Bernadette GallagherBusiness PillarPrivate
13.                         Damien McCallionHSEPublic
14.                         Assumpta KellyFamily Resource Centres/CDPsPrivate
15.                         Gerry McGeeInterim PPNPrivate
16.                         Pat LoveInterim PPNPrivate
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  • EU European Regional Development Fund